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At Black Bear Necessities, we strive to give our guests the best cabin experience. Our cabin is blended into the environment of Pigeon Forge and the community, surrounded by nature, and our goal is to provide a unique and unforgettable stay. To do so, we also need your help as guests to maintain a level of respect for the property and respective owners. As a result, the following rules have been enacted to help ensure both sides understand the expectations when staying at Paw Paws Cabin or any one of Black Bear Necessities Properties.



Guests are able to check-in at 4:00pm EST on the date of their arrival. A digital code will be provided that will work for all three (3) entry points, (1) Pool Room, (2) Main entry to the cabin, and (3) Kitchen back door. Upon check-in review the house to ensure it will be a pleasant stay for all parties, as guests have 2 hours from check-in to report any challenges, outside of major issues that might arise during the stay.



Guests need to check out by 11:00 am EST on the day of check-out. The access code for the cabin will be terminated after the check-out time. Review the Cabin Check-Out for additional information on what to do upon check-out. In short, compile all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and run the dishwasher, remove all towels and washcloths and place them next to the laundry room, and remove all trash inside the house and take them to the outside trash in the bear proof cans.

Guests Agreement

Responsible signing party of the guest survey is liable for all guests  and their behavior in accordance to this agreement

  • ACCESS: Only turn into the property making a LEFT TURN. Yes, the host knows that the guest can drive, but making a right into the property introduces risk of scraping bottom of the guests' vehicle.

  • The guests booking is not guaranteed and can be canceled and given to another guest unless the guest has secured the booking with a credit card payment.

  • The deposit for the cabin will be added to the overall booking fee for all non-direct booking guests. 

  • Only credit card payments are accepted, and there is no cash on property.

  • Guests have 2 hours from check-in to air any challenges with the accommodations.

  • Any dissatisfied guests upon check-in within the 2-hour window can leave their stay and be refunded for any additional nights not stayed.

  • Guest agrees to give the host/owner an opportunity to correct any major issues that are unlikely to occur, but if something does arise.

  • The maximum occupancy is 12 people, no more than 8 adults with two per king bed available) by health/safety and zoning laws and the guests’ group may be subject to removal by the Police if there is found to be an over occupancy.

  • Without pre-approval, no additional guests can be added on the day of arrival, or during the guests stay. Unregistered guests are not allowed onto the property, and if found the responsible party for the reservation will be charged an additional $325 per additional guest.

  • Guests are only permitted to stay in the cabin for the dates specified and approved by the owner via the booking site used.

  • There are no extensions of a stay approved or provided for guests.

  • There are no pets allowed inside or outside the premises.

  • Pets are not Allowed. "Service Dogs" as defined by the ADA are permitted with proof of disability and certification at least 14 business days before check-in. Also, guest will be required to provide a place for animal to sleep as they are not permitted on any furniture. Emotional Support Animals are not "Service Animals" and are not allowed, if an animal is brought in the unit a $1,350 anti allergen cleaning fee will be assessed and the guest will be asked to leave immediately without a refund for the remaining days.

  • Service animals may not be left unattended in the unit, if the guest does leave the service animal unattended, the guest will be asked to leave without a refund.

  • No parties, extended gatherings, large events, or third-party visitors are allowed, if this is found then an assessment of $650 plus the cost of all materials needed to clean the facility.

  • Small and quiet family gatherings are permitted on the  premises

  • Do not tamper with any of the ring cameras on or around the property, that includes touching, or covering the cameras. Should the guest attempt to alter the cameras in any way, the guest will be subject to a $500 fee.

  • There are no cameras in the hot tub area to reserve privacy of the guests.

  • Guests enter the hot tub at their own risk.

  • Registered guests only permitted for overnight stay.

  • Guests are aware that like Dollywood's Dream More Resort, various Marriott Hotels, Tangler Outlets, and other attractions on the parkway strip, the cabin is located within 2 miles of the Sevier Solid Waste Facility and the owner/host takes no accountability or responsibility for any associated smells from the site not on the property of the cabin or trucks that could drive by on the public streets that are not on the property of the cabin

  • Hosts/Owners do not take any responsibility for any bear or wild animal encounters. Owner is not liable for any damage to persons or property due to an animal encounter.

  • All guests are to keep their vehicles free from food that will potentially attract bears, and keep all doors locked on vehicle.

  • Guests are to keep all doors and windows locked to prevent intruders from wild animals or humans.

  • Host and owner are not responsible for any wildlife encounters or injuries while on the property.

  • Guest will collect all their trash and take it out of the property and into the trash cans on property within the bear proof trash bins.

  • The building is Smoke Free-Smoking of Tobacco, Cannabis, Vaping, and e‑cigarettes, as this is prohibited in the unit or any of the common areas around the cabin. If there are lingering odors of smoke in the unit a $650 cleaning fee will apply. In addition to the cleaning fee, if the process to get the smell of smoke out of the property impedes on another guests check in, the guest will be charged the first night stay of that guests booking. 

  • Swim at the guests own risk, there is no lifeguard on duty. Protect any children around the pool by always having adult supervision.

  • Guest acknowledges that the pool depth is 5 ft, and there is to be no diving in the pool.

  • All children shall be supervised in and around the property even the driveway by an adult for their safety and are the responsibility of the guest.

  • Guests acknowledges that they must access the indoor pool room from the outside.

  • Guests are not to hit the 2 large faux rocks in front of the house, as doing so can cause issues to the plumbing line. If this is hit, the guest will be assessed a $2,000 fee per clean out drain to have it fixed.

  • Do not drive over to the ravine where there is a steep drop and dangerous!

  • Do not attempt to do any maintenance on the property.

  • Do not open or touch the electric box or water heater area.

  • Report any damage to the owners via the damage report immediately by using the damage report or emailing us at if and when it happen

  • Contact the host if there are any major issues at 901-500-9383. Not being able to find a remote, or noise in the neighborhood do not constitute major issues. The cost to support a maintenance call is $200 per hour. If the hosts send a maintenance person to the cabin for support and it is not a true major issue, the guest will be assessed the fee.

  • Check-in is at 3 pm EST. The host will send a digital key code to the guest the day of check-in. If you request an early check-in, this may or may not be able to be accommodated. The host will let the guest know ahead of check-in. Same day or request for early check-in will not be provided.

  • DO NOT give the digital code out to anyone during the guests' stay. The code will terminate automatically at check-out.

  • There are no drugs allowed on the premises. There is a $500 fee if drugs are discovered on the premises. 

  • Clear out the dryer vent after drying each load.

  • Do not take any items from the cabin. Anything missing will be the responsibility of the responsible party. 

  • There is a 2-night minimum where guests will be charged for two nights even if they need to cut their trip early.

  • There is a $25 fee to refund any money back to the guest, if the guests voluntarily want to leave the cabin during their stay, and after the first 2 hours of check-in where the guest is to inspect and review the property for concerns.

  • Free off-street parking is available in the overflow area as well as parking in the driveway.

  • DO NOT venture into the backyard or side yard near ravine.

  • DO NOT roam the property beyond the parking lot, front, and side yard. There is construction in the backyard, and no one should be by the ravine where there is a significant drop and can cause injury to persons.

  • The host prefers that the guest please leave shoes by the front door.

  • Please leave used towels in the bathroom on the floor or in a hamper upon check-out

  • The outdoor grill is available for guests. Please refer to the guidebook for how to operate and clean it. Clean the grill after the guest use it, failure to clean off the grill can lead to outdoor rodents and even bears damaging the property, and thus failure to clean the grill after use will result in a $100 fee.

  • Report any damages immediately. Any damages that exceed the deposit must be paid for by guests and will be reported to Airbnb or the booking site used.

  • Be respectful of neighbors, and keep the noise level down to a minimum, especially during quiet time of 10 pm EST to 7am EST. Complaints by neighbors will result in a $100 noise fee.

  • TV usage is allowed for guests during the entire duration of their stay. There are smart TVs in almost every room.

  • Please use the remote control to turn on the projector in the pool room and keep it in a visible place. If there is no remote, please turn on the power from the project box. The ability to connect to the Bluetooth from the guest’s wireless device is the responsibility of the guest and not the owner.

  • Guest is responsible for any lost remotes for TVs and projector. Do not submerge any remotes in water or bring close heat sources.

  • Guests are not allowed to purchase, download, or rent any subscription or entertainment that charges the host.

  • DO NOT touch, tamper with, or adjust the thermostat in the indoor pool room.

  • Please log out of any Netflix or other streaming services that the guest has turned on while at the cabin.

  • The WIFI code will be sent to the guest in an email and is provided in the property.

  • Guest is responsible for locking all the windows while in the cabin.

  • DO NOT adjust the thermostat in the main home beyond 78 degrees and keep the temperature at or above 70 degrees.

  • Guests must notify us within two (2) hours of check-in of any issues with cleanliness, damages, issues, or missing items on property.

  • Cleaners will take an inventory of the property after checking out, and the guest will be responsible for any items not accounted for on the check list. The guest has 24 hours to acknowledge and decide to return and/or replace depending on the item and to the discretion of the owner.

  • If any item in the property breaks, the cost will be taken from the security deposit. If the costs exceed the security deposit, the guest will be taken to small claims court by the owner and will prosecute to the highest extent. Should a judgement in favor of the owner is rendered, guest acknowledges that he/she will be subjected to potential garnishment.

  • Guests agree to give host a reasonable time (within 24 hours) to correct any challenge. If the host cannot correct the challenge, guests will be offered an opportunity to check out immediately and the host will refund the remainder of their stay. If guest choose to stay at the cabin beyond this point, then there will be no further discounts or refunds.

  • If something major breaks down while guests are at the cabin it triggers a new time (no heat, refrigerator broken, water issue, etc.)

  • Host holds no responsibility for guests' use of exercise equipment (weights) while on the premises. Use at the guests own risk.

  • Hosts and owner are not responsible for weather conditions. Guests are encouraged to monitor the weather and road accessibility, knowing that there could be airport and other challenges during winter months.

  • In the event of severe weather of any condition, there will be no refund issued due to unpredictable weather conditions. Guests are advised to check the weather before arrival and know that the winter months can be unpredictable. If the power outage or road closure is not specific to the cabin only, then there will be no concessions, discounts, or refunds issued. 

  • If the main driveway is inaccessible due to weather conditions, guests are to use the overflow parking on Bradford Way where "The Love Shack" parking is, as visible by The Love Shack sign.

  • Ensure that the guests' valuables are secured in the cabin to the guests' satisfaction as there is a safe on property for use, and owner take no responsibility or liability for items left behind or outside of the safe on premises.

  • Owner/Host assumes no responsibility or liability for any injuries that may occur on the property. Guests rent and stay at their own risk. 

  • Avoid a lock out situation by thoroughly reading the instructions for the safe before putting the guests’ belongings in the safe. The host is not responsible for the guests’ items being locked out of the safe.

  • When booking during the winter months, host/owner holds no responsibility to inclement weather conditions. The snow in the Smoky Mountains can be hazardous. Guests are booking their stay with the understanding that there could be a power outage, snow on the streets and driveway, which host/owner does not take responsibility for. A full refund is only granted if guest cancels reservation 14 or more days from the date of check-in.

  • Owner/Host assumes no accountability for property left anywhere on the premises.

  • Guests are aware that they are in the woods and are subject to all the components of nature that can exists both inside and outside of the cabin, including but not limited to bears, coyotes, bobcats, rodents, mosquitoes, bugs, insects, and other entities that are a part of nature, which the owner does not take responsibility. 

  • No firearms are permitted on the premises. Guests are not permitted to bring any firearms on the premises and/or into the house.

  • No weapons are permitted on the premises. Guests will not bring any weapon on the premises and/or into the house.

  • This property is treated by Orkin in addition to being cleaned by professional cleaners for preventative maintenance, it is not extermination, and guests acknowledges.

  • Owner/Host is not required to send back items left behind by guest.

  • Guest acknowledges that they know how to use a fire extinguisher and will administer the extinguisher if there is a small fire in the cabin and/or to prevent a fire. Guests will be held liable if a fire extinguisher could have prevented an issue.

  • Guest agrees to not squat in the property post check out.

  • Guest agrees to leave the premises in the same shape and fashion as when the guest arrived.

  • Guest will not administer a fire pit without the expressed consent of the owner.

  • Guest takes full responsibility for the use of the barbecue grill.

  • Guest acknowledges visibly seeing fire extinguishers in the cabin under the kitchen sink, in the closets of each room, and in the pool room.

  • Owner/Host will require payment from the guest for any shipping of items to their address of choice, and will not be responsible for any package rerouting, tracking, communication with carrier, lost, stolen, or damaged items.   

  • Pool temperature is set by the owner. Unless communicated in the guest survey due to ADA standards, we need 48 hours to adjust the pool temperature, unless there is a maintenance issue. In the case of a maintenance issue, we ask for up to 24 hours to address a pool heater challenge. Please note that the temperature will be set at the optimal level as deemed by the licensed pool professional.



PAYMENT OBLIGATION – I have read and agree to the terms below.


Upon checking into the property, you agree to

  1. I agree that my liability for this bill is not waived, and I agree to be held personally liable if the indicated person, company, or association fail to pay any part of the full amount of these charges.

  2. I agree to vacate the room or rooms by 11L00AM EST on the date of departure. Late departure will be subject to one night’s lodging plus removal from premises. Because reservations must be booked exactly, any changes must be made 72 hours in advance of check in or check out . Changes made less than 72 hours in advance of check-in will be refunded less 1 days’ charges.

  3. I agree that all room, tax, incidental, and damage charges can be charged to the credit card(s) on file. Furthermore, I agree that the cardholder will pay card issuer above amount pursuant to cardholder agreement.

  4. Property reserves the right to charge for damage to, theft from, or excessive cleanup of guest units up to 72 hours after departure. Additionally, refunds of monies collected for room rate, taxes, or fees will not be issued in the event of eviction from property regardless of the length of stay remaining.

  5. Pets are not allowed on the grounds. All guests’ rooms and lounge and non-lounge areas are non-smoking. A minimum per night charge of $300.00 plus to the pet violation fees mentioned above will be applied for violation of these policies.


Additional Rules, Regulations, and Policies. I have had time to read and agree to the terms below.

  1. All children must be always supervised by an adult – NO EXCEPTIONS. The swimming pool and other amenities contain features and elements that are not suitable for a child’s unsupervised participation. Children under the age of 6 are not allowed in the hot tuns per Health Code.

  2. Tennessee weather can chance rapidly. We may ask you to remove yourself from the hot tub if see inclement weather approaching. You must leave immediately if instructed to do so. We are not responsible for the weather or the consequences of the weather conditions, but you agree to comply to help prevent and stay safe.

  3. There are certain depths to the swimming pool and hot tub, please adhere to the safety rules in the designated area to keep all parties in your group as safe as possible. You must follow these restrictions and heed the precautions – they are designed for your safety and the safety of others.

  4. All swimming pool and hot tub areas, including but not exclusive to steps, area around the pool, areas around the hot tub, may be slippery when wet or dry. Appropriate caution and footwear are required when walking in and around the swimming pool and hot tub areas.

  5. This property is privately owned. Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Black Bear Necessities is not responsible  for accidents or injuries to guests or for loss of money, jewelry, or valuables of any kind. You are responsible for the safekeeping of any money, jewelry, or valuables of any king, both in your room and through the facilities. Safes are provided. Instruction son how to access and use the safe is provided online for guests to review at their own operation. Of the safe.


ADDITIONAL RULES, REGULATIONS, AND POLICIES – I have had time to read and agree to the terms below.

  1. Black Bear Necessities has posted rules, regulations, and restrictions to provide for a safe and healthy environment for its guests. All of which are accessible on our website As the registered guests you are responsible for the members of your party and assuring, they are following all such rules, regulations, and restrictions. Nonetheless, accidents can sometimes happen. Black Bear Necessities is not responsible for accidents or injuries to you or your guests.

  2. You further agree to hold harmless Black Bear Necessities LLC, owners of said properties for which you are staying , and any related entities and their respective officers, directors, employees, and agents (collectively, Black Bear Necessities, LLC), for any such injury or accident. You further agree, individually and on behalf of the children staying and/or visiting the premises during your stay, to defend and indemnify Black Bear Necessities and its associates, for all claims brought against Black Bear Necessities,  (or any of them) on arising out of any accident, or injury (regardless of severity) or death., which arose from the use of any  facility, attraction, swimming pool, hot tub, bed, or anything in the property and/or on the premises, owned or operated by Black Bear Necessities and its associates (or any of them, including all officers, directors, employees, or agents of any Black Bear Necessities entities described above).


Black Bear Necessities would like to ensure you are aware of our policy regarding use of room charging as a means of payment for expenses around the property. Please read the following carefully.

  • I authorize and take accountability and responsibility for all ADULT (age 18 and older) occupants that are on the premises at any point during my stay.

  • I authorize and take accountability and responsibility for all MINOR/CHILDREN (ages 17 and under) occupants that are on the premises at any point during my stay.


By booking and maintaining the booking through check in, you are acknowledging receipt of this agreement and signing off in agreement that you will comply as set forth herein.

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