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Our Story

Dear Guest and Future Guest,

Welcome to Black Bear Necessities, a family-owned hotel in Tennessee. Our family is from Cincinnati, Ohio and we have now made Tennessee our home. Our hotel embodies the rustic charm of the Great Smoky Mountains while providing the amenities that our guests expect. We bought this hotel in memory of our dad, Paw Paw, and we want to share our love for the area with our guests. We look forward to hosting you and showing you the best that our community has to offer.

Founded in 2024, we're a new breed of stylish and modern hotels. Our cabin has been outfitted with luxury amenities to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is enjoyable. We want you to have a unique experience that combines the tranquility of nature with the convenience of modern technology. Our hotel has been built with love and attention to detail, and we hope you’ll choose to stay with us, whether you're traveling for business or for pleasure.

At Black Bear Necessities, we are committed to expanding our property and enhancing the guest experience. Plans for expansion in 2024 include the installation of multiple cabins on the property, so that you can get even closer to nature and experience all that the outdoors has to offer. Our hotel is conveniently located in a beautiful region of the country, offering plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure and exploration. Come and see for yourself why we're confident you'll fall in love with our hotel and the stunning surroundings.


Black Bear Necessities

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